How do I know if my child requires speech pathology?

Your child may need intervention if:

  • They are not reaching speech or language milestones expected for their age
  • A health or educational professional has suggested speech pathology intervention
  • Their speech is difficult to understand
  • Your child stutters
  • Your child speaks with a lisp
  • Your child has difficulty communicating their needs
  • Your child has difficulty understanding instructions
  • Your child is not able to form sentences and tell stories like other children the same age
  • Your child is not keeping up with schoolwork or has below average reading and spelling skills

When is the best time to start speech therapy?

The best age for speech therapy is the age your child is at when they start to fall behind, or when you notice they’re not meeting milestones.

Do you have availability at the moment?

We do currently have a wait list. Formal assessments will be prioritised as required and can be completed within 4-6 weeks.

How long will my child be on the waiting list?

This is unpredictable as there are many variables – such as: clinician availability, the family’s flexibility with appointment times, and whether the therapist available is a good fit for the child’s needs. The best thing to do is to place your child’s name on our wait list and ensure you list all possible times that you are available for an appointment.

What can I expect in my first appointment?

In your first appointment we will establish rapport with your child and conduct some observations to assist with planning. We will take a detailed case history from the parents or caregiver. We may also do some screening tasks with your child depending on your concerns and their needs.
We may then recommend further formal assessment tasks to assist with planning intervention.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral to see a speech pathologist. If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate, you will need to consult your GP or paediatrician first to determine if your child’s difficulties meet the rebate criteria. We need referrals PRIOR to or at the time of the appointment in order to process your rebate.

What funding options do you accept?

We accept the following funding and rebates:

  • Medicare
  • Private Health Insurance (depending on your level of extras cover, the rebate will vary)
  • NDIS self managed and third party plan managed participants

How long will I need to attend?

Most of our therapy sessions are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis as required. The number of appointments required will vary depending on the nature and severity of the child’s speech and or language difficulties and the frequency required as identified by the therapist to reach the child goals. The success of the Therapy requires a team effort and the amount and quality of practice done between therapy appointments is very important.